Create your Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Blockchain

Aragon developed the Ethereum based App, which allows everyone to create own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). All rules and conditions of DAOs and Aragon app is defined by Ethereum smart contracts.

Simply said, Aragon want to be a unique legal tech platform, where ordinary people can create own cryptocurrency based business without no legal restrictions.

So, people from different countries can start doing business without any legal restrictions because they will have Aragon and all rules and conditions of their business will be set up and locked on decentralized blockchain network powered by Ethereum and smart contracts.

Create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Aragon is developing the complex decentralized and transparent legal tech platform, where everybody will be able to completely manage own cryptocurrency business, project or company.

Companies with governence based on blockchain is called Decentralized Autonomous organization or DAO. Thanks to the Blockchain, Ethereum and smart contracts, no one can take your DAO away from you.

With Aragon app you can do right now:

  • Create your own DAO
  • Set voting rights in DAO
  • Create an event to vote
  • Manage funds in DAO
  • Set permissions to members of DAO

Completed Aragon app will allow these functions:

Right now, Aragon is in the development phase of 0.6 – Sweet release

Complete Roadmap you can find there –

The major leaders in the team are Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. The Project lead of Aragon is Luis Cuende, which is also CEO of Unpatent and he was mentioned in the technology section of Europe Forbes 30 under 30. Tech lead is Jorge Izquierdo, which is CTO of Unpatent. So, these guys probably know, what they are doing

Aragon team is also Supported by strong Advisor board from famous projects like DAI (stable coin) or Boost VC (blockchain startup accelerator).

Why is Aragon heavy undervalued

Aragon project is one of the most interesting projects in cryptocurrency industry. Why? Because the end product of Aragon will have a massive impact on entire cryptocurrency space. So, what…

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Aragon wants to become the place where people can create their own DAOs with governance tools, a court system and upgradeability.

 Verified network – ETH DApp (?)

HW wallet (?)

 Community (?)

 Start date: 18/05/2017

 ICO Price: 0.89 USD

 System: Ethereum DApp

Country of foudation: Germany

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Project News

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