Frequently asked questions

What are the risks?

The general rule is to invest as much as you are willing to lose. Nevertheless, our priority is always the protection of the invested capital. The risk of loss is eliminated by the fact that every newcomer in the crypto market takes advantage of our know-how and experience we have had. In addition to it, the Covid-19 times have shown that conservative investing can become far riskier than the investment into cryptocurrencies.  The potential of cryptocurrencies is much higher.

How safe is the investment?

From the point of view of the elimination of software risks, we keep funds only in the hardware wallets, which are currently the safest possible solution.  When it comes to the elimination of risk of physical nature, we use safe deposit boxes in the banks to ensure multilevel security. 

What are the guarantees?

Neither investment funds nor Crypviz Asset Management as a trustee is allowed to provide a guarantee. Any promise in this context could result in potential control by a regulator and the risk of being fined.

If you need guarantees, search for structured products like, for instance, bonds issued by the banks. To sum it up, any guarantees always come at the expense of revenues.

What are your strategies?

Rather than day trading, we prefer value-oriented investment approaches. Our system includes several strategies and we choose the appropriate one based on the current situation. We react dynamically to market opportunities. Our team has strategies that are very safe and generate capital appreciation from around 10 to 15% per year. We also have strategies that generate hundreds of percent per year, but of course, with a higher level of risk. 

Our long-term goal is to keep up with the market output and to overcome it.

What is the appropriate investment time horizon?

From our point of view, the appropriate time horizon is a period exceeding 3 years, ideally, around 5 years. Although the market develops dynamically, it is necessary to be patient. The highest profits come with time when our predictions are validated.

Can I withdraw my funds anytime?

It is not a problem to cash out your invested amount anytime. The market is very liquid and we can withdraw money almost immediately. However, you have to take into account the exit fee, which is 10% of your investment in the first year.

How to classify crypto assets?

Cryptocurrencies are of intangible and movable nature.  According to the interpretation of the General Financial Directorate that proceeds from CNB, Bitcoin is not a monetary instrument, electronic money, even an investment instrument. Profit received from the sale (not the possession) is subject to taxation according to the Income Tax Act.


Crypviz Asset Management Inc. is not authorized to provide tax advisory services.  All provided information has a non-binding and informative character. It cannot be interpreted as advice or a statement. 

Crypviz Asset Management Inc. disclaims any responsibility for the correct determination of the taxable income of investors/customers, or for the calculation of a partial tax base. 

To determine the correct tax on income from the investment in compliance with the provisions of the relevant code, it is necessary to consult with a tax advisor.

What is a reasonable amount to invest?

From our point of view, the best option is the investment of at least 1 million CZK. The minimum invested amount starts at 100,000 CZK.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are people who want to participate in this market and do not know how to be actively involved. They realize that such issues go beyond their competency. The clients feel attracted to cryptocurrencies in terms of technology. They are aware of the potential, the possibility of appreciation in value as well as the potential risk, as it is an emerging market.