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Evolution of cryptocurrencies into

Decentralized finance

The beginning and Development

of Crypviz


Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin was the first to demonstrate the power and robustness of blockchain.

New Cryptocurrency Technology

The wave of more advanced cryptocurrency technologies other than Bitcoin enabled to program decentralized applications.

Decentralized finance

Decentralized finance proved to be the most logical and popular real-world application.

Benefits of Blockchain

Bitcoin as a first cryptocurrency showed practical uses of blockchain technology and enabled users to exchange units of currency between each other without a central authority.


No central point can shut down the network because it is operated in the networks of crypto users.

Regulatory Independence

The units of currency are available in the market and exempted from the regulatory obligations and restrictions. Everything is defined by the programming code.


The development of decentralized applications running on a blockchain that provide new economic functions and principles.

Non-stop Operation

Cryptocurrency markets or stock exchanges are not limited by the weekends or public holidays as it is a service operating 24/7 like the Internet.

Finance 2.0

Decentralized finance is an umbrella term for applications running on a blockchain that enable “money programming” in the world of cryptocurrencies. DeFi helps to create Finance 2.0 that opens new horizons for the use of money that go beyond all economic theories and principles that have ever been described.

Anybody can take advantage of the finance functions in DeFi like providing liquidity in the decentralized exchange markets or insurance and lending.

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Bitcoin was the first to show the way, but we find the real use of blockchain in DeFi.

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