About Us

Crypviz.io was founded in October 2017. The main concept is to build a website where you can get relevant information clear, fast and easy. When we started investing in cryptos, the main problem for us was to learn new information. It is quite a paradox because actually you can get a lot of information everywhere and a lot of data which are looks really amazing, but when you are completely new in this area, you don’t know what some terms or data means for you. This can be really confusing for new investors.

Another problem is, when you trying to find out something about projects, this will take you a lot of time before you learn it and before you will understand, what is the main idea of the project. We did this all work for you! In the detail of each coin, you will find the summary of information, which are supported by the knowledge database, where you can find a basic explanation of the given terms. For the sake of clarity of coins, we choose token allocation to sectors, based on what they serve. This information can easily save your time.

Crypviz team about us

Thanks to our experience from the stock market, where we are focusing on finding value investment, we also apply this idea to the crypto world. Every day, there are a lot of ICOs (new coins) but when you focus in more detail, you will see that is really big fluctuation. That’s why we choose only projects, which are of our mind interesting and have long-term potential. That’s the reason why you will not find every token what is available.

Crypviz Team

Petr Sanetrník


Martin Nasswettr


We're trying to create a value-added user-friendly web for users that makes us different from our competitors.