We use our long-term

experience in the financial market

Meet Our Team

Crypviz Asset Management

Based on our long-time experience, we create a unique connection of traditional and decentralized finance that brings traditional investors into the decentralized world.


Petr Sanetrník

Portfolio manager

Petr is a technology enthusiast, a co-founder of VR Education and Webfusion, and a long-term investor in the financial market. Together with Martin Nasswettr, they started trading in the forex markets using day trading strategies that gradually transformed into value investing. At the beginning of 2017, their attention was shifted to cryptocurrencies where they apply value investing principles and search for interesting technologies that would change the financial market in the long term. Petr is currently a portfolio manager of Crypviz Asset Management.

Martin Nasswettr

Portfolio manager

Martin gained experience as a day trader when he started trading in the forex market 10 years ago. During the career, he has attended several courses and mentoring sessions with Czech famous traders and investors. Petr Sanetrník and Martin are co-owners of Webfusion, a web design company. They came up with the original ideas of Crypviz which they founded together. Martin Chalupecký and Martin Nasswetter are co-founders of Olomoucká Těžební, a company specialized in cryptocurrency mining. Martin Nasswettr is currently a portfolio manager of Crypviz Asset Management.

Mgr. Martin Chalupecký

Business director

Martin has been doing business since 2007 when he started building his finance team. He dedicated most of the time to investment and asset allocation. During his career, he started multiple businesses. Martin has been specialized in cryptocurrencies since 2016. Except for that, he is a co-founder of Olomoucká těžební, Inc., a company specialized in cryptocurrency mining. In Crypviz Asset Management, Martin is mainly responsible for building business relationships.

Ing. Petr Čech

Managing director

Petr was a co-owner of the broker pool which he successfully sold. After that, he was raising capital for several investment groups. Today, among other things, he owns a few business shares in the fields like real estate, development, or electro technology. In Crypviz Asset Management, Petr is responsible for building business relationships.

We enable easy access into

Defi world for investors.

The original idea of Crypviz in 2017 was to create a space for beginners that would provide better, quicker, and easier access to the information they need most. Nowadays, anyone can get information and data that look interesting. 

If this area is completely new to you, it might take you some time to learn how to work with it and what to focus on.

We realized that an ordinary investor can hardly get such complex information. Therefore, we decided to become a bridge between finance and the decentralized world. Emphasizing maximum safety and overall service, we provide traditional investors access into the decentralized world.

Intro video to DeFi