Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT - Decentralized online marketing system

Basic attention token is the technological extension of browser Brave. Brave is chrome based browser, which has the main focus on the privacy of users through built-in Adblock system and Basic attention token. The team behind Brave browser is highly experienced because the founder of Brave and BAT previously develop Javascript programming language and lately Mozzila Firefox browser.

Basic attention token is ERC20 token on Ethereum. The main goal of Basic attention token is to remove the third party in internet marketing. BAT is want to create a whole new decentralized internet marketing ecosystem, where publishers will pay directly users for viewing their ADs. Thanks to the decentralization trough blockchain and ethereum technology, privacy data about users stay safe because there is no third party like Google or Facebook.

Business overview of BAT

Decentralized online marketing

The brave browser was created in 2016 by Brendan Eich (Co-founder of Mozzila Firefox and Javascript creator) and Brian Bondy. The main goal of the Brave browser is to block all advertisements and trackers, which collects data about you.

As a result of development, Brave team introduce own digital marketing solution – The Basic Attention Token (BAT). The main goal of BAT is to create competitive digital marketing system, which will protect the privacy of users. BAT simply wants to remove the middleman in the process.

How BAT works with Brave browser:

  • Earn revenue, that you are watching on ADs. Users will receive about 70% of income from display ADs.
  • You can support your favorite website, youtube channel, twitch channel, twitter and Reddit users trough BAT payments.
  • The brave browser automatically calculates, where you spend the most time on the internet. Based on that, you can support your favorite sites troughs BAT payments.

Actually Google and Facebook earning money, that they selling privacy data to advertisers and user is just marketing sheep of these big companies. In BAT users like you or me, we will receive money, that we are looking at ADs.

Big websites know, that are directly dependent on Google or Facebook. Brave and BAT is a new way, how internet marketing can work in the decentralized fair form. BAT approved sites (using BAT script on site) are for example The Guardian, Washington Post or MarketWatch.

The CEO of Basic Attention Token is Brendan Eich. He creates programming language Javascript (most widely used programming language) and later, he became Co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. So, the Brendan probably very good knows, what he doing. He has a master of science in computer science from the University of Illinois and bachelor of science in math and computer science from Santa Clara University.

Brian bondy is the well-known collaborator of Brendan. He works together in Mozilla. Brian also works for Evernote. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Waterloo.

BAT project reaches 2.7M Active users – 180% growth in 6 months

Right now, BAT Project is getting more and more popularity by growing user base. Since December 2017 the number of users has increased from 1M to 2.8M active users of the Brave browser, which is increased by 180% only in 6 months…

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Basic attention token wants to make new decentralized AD system based on the blockchain technology.

 Verified network – ETH DApp (?)

HW wallet (?)

 Founder is an inventor of JavaScript and he participated in the creation of Mozilla firefox browser (?)

Live product (Brave)

Competition to AD giants (Google, FB) (?)

 Start date: 31/05/2017

 ICO Price: N/A (sold in 24 sec)

 System: Ethereum DApp

Country of foudation: : Switzerland

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