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Welcome to the new year 2018! First of all, we would like to thank you for your support and using Crypviz. Our traffic grows every single day and we are happy, that we creating something, which can help others in investing. We wish you all the best and big gains! In 2018 you can expect big updates on Crypviz. We are working to add new coins and new functions on the website. Stay with us we are doing it for you!

Coins review and december performance, coins

Sector review

If we ranked November as successful, December was super successful. Overall all of our sectors end in positive numbers. Gains in each sector was unbelievable. Just Financial services don’t cross the border of 100% return. This is the really amazing result. December easily doesn’t have any losers across all sectors. Biggest average gain you can get in Data storage sector was +325,55%. What is Data Storage sector about you can find in detail of this sector. We believe, that this sector has a huge potential in the future.

Coins review

The winner from all coins was Ripple. December gain of Ripple was +799,5%. Ripple became the coin with the second largest Market Capitalization. In December he was enjoying growing interest from all sides. The price of Ripple climbed at the end of the December to the border around 2USD/XRP. Second best was Siacoin from Data Storage sector with +412,58% gain. Third place is for 0x from Others sector with +343,59%. Bitcoin was like a rollercoaster when in one time hit the all-time high price 20 000 USD/BTC and then fell down around 14 000USD/BTC. Ethereum reaches 800USD/ETH and holds quite stable this position.

Coins review and December performance, coins

It is necessary to mention, that you can get easily profit but you can also get a loss. This is the reason why you should invest only money that you can afford to lose. You should remember on this, especially in the time of big gains. Let’s see what bring 2018 in crypto space but definitely, it will be the wild ride!