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Idea of a global

analytical platform

History and Development

The original idea of Crypviz in 2017 was to create a space for beginners that would provide better, quicker, and easier access to information they need most. We were fascinated by cryptocurrencies and founded Crypviz to make such information available to the general public. 

Over time, the original idea transformed into the current form of Crypviz Asset Management.

Our history dates back to 2017. As crypto enthusiasts, we founded global analytics and education platform called

Our previous goal was to provide ordinary investors with complex information about cryptocurrencies clearly and easily, without the need for deeper understanding of the technology.

We drew content from the original white papers of the technical project descriptions, then we described individual technologies and created a comprehensible material that is also suitable for beginners.

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Development of Payments Using
Cryptocurrencies and Crypviz Platform

We managed to describe and analyze new cryptocurrency technologies in a new way. Unfortunately, the public was not prepared for information of this nature. Therefore, we went on looking for a new sustainable model to keep our website alive.

We used our expert knowledge to provide investors education about crypto-assets (only the passive form.) The demand for the use of blockchain experienced rapid growth, thus we began to offer consultancy services and provide custom-made cryptocurrency implementation.

Regular crypto breakfast

Discussion at Cashflow Summer

Crypviz Asset Management

We realized that all information and consulting services regarding cryptocurrencies are focused especially on enthusiasts or technology investors. Although the number of traditional investors who intend to invest in the cryptocurrency industry has been growing, the complexity of all mechanisms creates a barrier for most of them. This was the reason to found Crypviz Asset Management Inc. Under the provision Section 1409 et seq. of the Civil Code, we undertake to multiply entrusted assets and use them for the sake of the beneficiary. Our company, as a trustee, is entitled to the revenue commission from the entrusted assets.

Our company is not currently subject to CNB supervision. The beneficiaries, selected based on the recommendations, are exclusively active financial market participants who are their own investment and asset managers. Each beneficiary interested in entrusting the assets to Crypviz Asset Management is obliged to go through the entrance interview to assess their suitability and the fulfillment of legal requirements under the Act on Certain Measures against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and the Financing Terrorism (no. 253/2008 Coll.) known as the AML Act.

November 2020 and Transformation into Crypviz Asset Management

The future of Finance

Blockchain technology enables entirely new ways of managing money. 

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Budoucnost financí

Technologie blockchainu odemykají zcela nové možnosti využití financí.

Více o naší strategii

Crypviz in 2017

  • Description of individual cryptocurrencies
  • Crypviz among first platforms 
  • Complex knowledge database
  • Foreign visitors mostly
  • White papers as a source of information

Crypviz v roce 2017

– Popis jednotlivých kryptoměn
– Start mezi prvními platformami v roce 2017
– Komplexní znalostní databáze
– Návštěvnost hlavně ze zahraničí
– Informace jsme čerpali z whitepaperů

Olomoucká těžební Company

In 2018, we founded Olomoucká Težební that is specialized in cryptocurrency mining. Mining is a special process that uses computing power to verify and check the correctness of individual transactions in the network.

Olomoucká těžební

Olomoucká těžební

V roce 2018 jsme založili Olomouckou těžební, která se zaměřuje na těžbu kryptoměn. Těžení je speciální proces, který pomocí výpočetního výkonu verifikuje transakce v síti a kontroluje tak správnost jednotlivých transakcí.

Olomoucká těžební