What is Ethereum DApps?

Ethereum is much more than the network for payments. Mainly it is the platform for developers, where developers can create own apps with specific functions and conditions. DApp is a decentralized application, where the processing happens on a decentralized peer to peer network powered by the Blockchain technology.

The main advantage is that developers can create their DAOs here. Technically DAOs and ETH tokens are examples of Dapps. So, if you have some idea for project/app based on the blockchain, you do not have to create own blockchain network. You just write your smart contract and you can use it all options of Ethereum. Projects based on DApps are also called Tokens. On Etherscan you find a list of most popular Ethereum tokens (DApps)

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It is much faster, safer and reliable develop Ethereum Dapp, then creating own network. If you were to create your own blockchain network, there are lot possible bugs or errors, how can a network be attacked by hackers. The ability to create dapp also offers NEO or NEM.