What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service, where you can buy storage space for your data. Usually, your data are stored on multiple servers owned by the storage provider. First of all, it is huge business in today world but probably the biggest problem of cloud services is, that all your data are in responsibility by some company.

It is very dangerous, that someone can access to your sensitive data, because your data are in one place, hosted by a company. Next negative factor is price, which is driven by big companies like Apple, Microsoft or dropbox. Everything in this business stands on the trust between you and company. If you want to know technical detail about cloud storage, you can check Wikipedia article.

Decentralized cloud storage

Decentralized cloud storage is technologic solution, that can break centralization and privacy on this segment. All your data are fragmented and saved on multiple computers around the network. Fragments of your data are secured by encryption powered by blockchain technology.

Therefore no one can access your data because it is stored all over the blockchain network. Opposite to classic cloud services, you have much more safe and privacy. In addition, anybody can rent its hard drive to others. You make some money and you support decentralization philosophy.

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Next steps

As a result of this idea, there are now live 2 projects, which you can use. Storj (Based on Etheruem network) or his opponent Siacoin (own blockchain network). Both of projects have some differences but generally, it’s possible today to use decentralized cloud storage.