Financial services market sector

Financial services sector aims to bring standard financial services into cryptocurrencies world. If people can normally pay in shops thru cryptocurrencies, this will definitely increase popularity. People will start asking yourself “why I should have hold fiat money when I have cryptocurrencies, where I have complete control”.

Crypto payments thru app or credit card

Tenx, Metal or OmiseGO really hard working to bring crypto payments into reality. Each project is something different from each other but they have a similar goal. For example, Tenx allows ordering their credit card for crypto payments in shops. Another good example is OmiseGO, which starts the partnership with Thailand Mcdonald’s.


Melon and Iconomi are working to use blockchain technology and smart contracts idea in collective fund investment. Classic invest funds are completely under control by their manager but what if the manager had limited rights defined by smart contracts? This can reduce funds scams and operating costs of the fund.

Financial services