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If you want to be the professional investor in cryptocurrency world, it is necessary to understand of all crypto terms. We tried to look for some knowledge database but everything is very complex and hard to understand. Cryptocurrencies are new financial wild west and if you don’t know, how to survive in this mad world, you will be swept away.

For those who want to survive and win, we decided to create knowledge database, where you can find the most important information for your success in cryptocurrencies. The knowledge database is focused on simplicity, that everybody will understand, what term does it mean. Knowledge is the main part of success in cryptocurrencies because the market is very volatile and only fundamentals information can protect us from wrong decisions.

If you are read About us, we see a great similarity at investing to cryptocurrencies vs. investing in stocks. So, we applied the same process of learning to cryptocurrencies. Thru Crypviz we want to deliver understandable form, how you can be more inform crypto investor.

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Getting started

The main problem is, that there is a lot of information and you have start somewhere. The best place to start is to learn basics like what is the blockchain technology or how to use cryptocurrency wallet. After you learn basics. you can start exploring crypto projects. We recommend going through all of the projects on our Homepage because you will make an overview of the market. As a result of your new knowledge, you can start investing and building your portfolio. Also, it is necessary to watch for news. Best place for news are Reddit and Twitter because everything important is here first.

1. Learn the basics about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

3. Explore the most ambitious Coins

4. Build your portfolio

5. Watch for news