What is Lisk Blockchain Apps?

Lisk Blockchain Apps allows that developers can create own decentralized blockchain applications by deploying their own sidechain linked to the Lisk network. Lisk is completely running in Javascript, so Lisk Apps will be coded in javascript SDK. Developers are promising, that sidechain solution will allow complete flexibility in creating blockchain apps for developers.

Lisk solution is very similar to Ethereum DApps, where developers can create own apps too. The main difference is, that Ethereum has Apps in the main chain but Lisk wants all apps on sidechain. Sidechain can be a very strong advantage in scaling transactions because Apps don’t slow the main chain.

If you look at Lisk FAQ, you will see that Lisk developers compare own solution to Etheruem DApps like this:

“Decentralized applications include the whole package of front-end (what the user sees) and back-end (the logic behind it). A smart contract on the other hand, consists only of the back-end, and often only a small part of it. This means that if you want to create a decentralized application on a smart contract system (i.e. not with Lisk), you have to combine several smart contracts and rely on 3rd party systems for the front-end.”. Source: https://docs.lisk.io/docs/faq-application-development

Next advantage of Lisk, that network is running under Delegated Proof of Stake but Ethereum is Still running on Proof of Work. In short future, Ethereum will move on Proof of Stake but every update is very dangerous for new bugs, especially if the network has hundreds of running DApps. On the other hand, the main problem of Lisk Apps is, that everything is the only vision, because developers still working on the release of SDK. So actually, the entire community waiting for SDK release, which will allow developers to start coding own decentralized blockchain applications. Only time shows, how much secure is Lisk solution opposite Ethereum DApps.