What is digital assets array or “DAA”?

Digital Assets Array platform is a new way, how you can create investing fund composed of cryptocurrency assets. In DAA you can define all conditions by using Ethereum smart contracts. So, everything in DAA is decentralized, transparent and nobody cannot do unapproved actions with assets, powered by the Blockchain Technology. So, if you are a good crypto trader, you can create your own digital assets array and start managing funds.

What does it mean for ordinary people?

This technology solution will allow, that you can invest in cryptocurrency assets without any deep knowledge. For example, DAA can be a marketplace of invest funds, where you can choose right fund for you. DAA is the right choice for people, who do not have crypto knowledge. Simply, you do not have to worry, which coin is right for you, because DAA will choose a coin, which has biggest chance to succeed.

You can check Iconomi, where the team is developing DAA platform. For more deep details look to Iconomi DAA web page. Another competitor is Melon, who is trying to develop a similar solution.

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