What is a Decentralized autonomous organization or “DAO”?

Decentralized autonomous organization is a new way, how we can do business. Imagine, that your company has fixed rules defined by programming code, where no one can something edit or delete without permission of others. DAO is a modern concept of company 2.0, where everything has strict rules defined by programming code. Also, in DAO you can code a lot of things like distribution of profits, voting rights or distribution of shares. For more detail about DAO concept, you can check wikipedia definition.

As a result of the Blockchain technology and Ethereum development, you can finally create own DAOs (DAO could be a type of Dapp). Ethereum is probably actual most popular platform for creating DAOs because it has the function called smart contracts. Also, NEO offers a similar option, where you can DAO thru own smart contracts solution.

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DAO changes the game

First of all, it doesn’t matter, where you from, because you can start a business with everyone from all around the world. You don’t have to deal with country restrictions or things like that. You just create your DAO and you can start your decentralized business. If you are a developer, you can create own DAO (or Ethereum Dapp) thru Ethereum smart contracts but you have to be able to write code in solidity language. This is not user-friendly for non-technical people.

DAO for everyone

Problem with user interface wants to solve project Aragon. Aragon project wants to allow people, that anyone can create their own DAO without programming skills. You will be able to set up specific settings for the company exactly, as you want. Everything that you set up will be locked by programming code, so no one can change or edit it. This can bring the mass use of DAO concept in classic businesses. See website of Aragon, where you can watch on news Aragon.one.