What is Dash masternodes?

Dash Masternodes are the second tier of Dash blockchain network. On masternodes network are performed functions like PrivateSend, InstantSend or voting actions about the decision in dash network. Thanks to the second tier, it is easy to add new functions in future by self-governance system (voting).

How it works?

Basically, masternodes are computers on the network, which runs all functions of the network. If you want have masternode, it is required to have 1000 Dash as collateral, a dedicated IP address, and be able to run 24 hours (max 1hr/per day connection loss)

As a result of hosting Dash masternode, you can earn money for this, probably about 11% return on 1 000 Dash by the year 2016. There are a lot of websites, where can you find out more about hosting Dash masternode.

dash masternodes, dash, dashcoin, cryptocurrency
dash masternodes, dash, dashcoin, cryptocurrency

Functions of Dash masternode

  • Private send – by this function, you can hide (anonymization) your transaction in network
  • Instant send – faster way, how to send transactions
  • Governance system – Dash masternodes users can vote about important decisions in the network
  • Dash evolution – payment processor

To see more detail info, please visit official web page – https://www.dash.org/masternodes2/