What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is service, where you can buy computing power from third party companies. The result is, that you don’t to own expensive IT infrastructure and you can just buy remotely exact computing power, what you need. Problem is, that this segment is totally under control by big companies.

Companies like Amazon, Microsoft controls the majority share of the market. First of all, there is a problem with price politic. The company has right to raise your price, anytime they want to. Next disadvantage is definitely centralization and privacy. Computing power is situated at a company and everything stands on the trust between you and company, that your data won’t be used by the company.

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Decentralized Cloud Computing

In short future, it will be possible to use decentralized cloud computing service, where people can sell computing power to each other. Decentralization has a positive impact on prices, privacy, and independence of market.

Decentralized services are good because you know, that price is based only on the actual bid and ask of a market. Also, decentralized computing is returning power back to the people, because everybody can sell their computing power.

Computing power connected thru Blockchain technology

Imagine, that you can share computing power from home PC. This can create worldwide supercomputer, which may have a massive computing power meanwhile people share their computing power for the money. You can use it for example for processing HD videos. Everything is possible thanks to the Blockchain technology.

Which projects are focusing on Cloud Computing?

You can explore for example Golem project, which is trying develop decentralized computer cloud. Golem aims to create worldwide supercomputer, where anybody can buy or sell computing power. Also, you can check the website of golem.network to see detail.

Next interesting project, what can you check is RLC iex. RLC has the same target as the golem (decentralized cloud computing). But opposite to Golem, RLC wants to focus directly Ethereum Dapps thru decentralized computing power.