How to success in Cryptocurrency Trading

The environment of cryptocurrency trading is very rough. One mistake can cost you an entire account. We are different from other traders (stock, forex traders etc..) because in our game there are no rules. So, influencing the price, Fake news, controlled attacks are completely normal. Forex and stocks traders are protected by strict rules and regulations from governments. We are not. Cryptocurrency market is new financial wild west, where everything is allowed.

Cryptocurrency trading, education

Every new trader has to start with education

In Cryptocurrency Trading, there are a huge number of newbies, which have no experience with investing and trading. What does it mean? Newbies are an easy target on market for old cryptocurrency wolves. Our goal is to introduce new traders to cryptocurrency trading world and prepare them to play a balanced game.

How to succeed in Cryptocurrency Trading

It is simple – Everybody wants to make money but if you want to be really successful, you need something more then others. The answer is information, because if you have better information then others, you can make far more money then others. So, If you will focus on education, you can be really successful cryptocurrency trader.

First of all, you have to know What is Cryptocurrency, what is the Blockchain Technology and what is value investing. After that, you can start exploring technological advantages/disadvantages of each coin. It is necessary to start with these basics if you want to create an attractive portfolio that makes sense. I recommend don´t try to trade with intraday or scalping style. Short-term trades are very close to gambling.

Also, remember for security. If your account has more money, always use cryptocurrency hardware wallet and don’t keep any coins on exchanges. Cryptocurrency trading world is really unique. It is a place, where dreams can become reality or they can be destroyed within a while.

cryptocurrency trading, trading

Getting started with Cryptocurrency Trading

2. Learn how to use Price action

3. Start using Value investing principles