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We are the bridge between TradFi and DeFi

The Future of Finance is Decentralized

The technological development of cryptocurrencies creates new possibilities, how finance can work in a decentralized world (DeFi). Thanks to this, we can see the rise of decentralized finance.

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Rise of DeFi

The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have wide use. Developers created decentralized advertising systems, prediction markets, or integration into games. After all the attempts, it is clear that cryptocurrencies will be used mainly for financial projects.

Thanks to absolute transparency and decentralization, cryptocurrencies open up a new market of decentralized finance „DeFi“, which takes the use of money to a whole new level.

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We are the gateway to the world of DeFi

We connect traditional finance and a decentralized world of finance. We enable investors to take part in one of the biggest financial revolutions in our history and take strategic positions in the financial market of the future DeFi.

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New protocols


DeFi opens up new ways to use finance that are changing the world as we know it today. Options, liquidity providing, or for example insurance, offer interesting opportunities in cryptocurrencies, which we use.

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Focus on technology

We monitor, analyze and compare individual cryptocurrency technologies, which open up new possibilities for the use of decentralized finances.

Value investing

We transfer the principles of value stock market investment defined by Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffet's teacher) to an environment of decentralized finance.

UTXO Prague 2022 – Talk

How will look the future of the cryptocurrency market, and which titles will be the most valuable and watched?

Podcast proti proudu 2022 – Discussion

Crypto is more than the headlines that Bitcoin is falling or rising. How to get knowledge in words such as Web3, DeFi, DAO, NFT, or smart contracts?

Blockspace – interview

Cryptocurrencies have been falling in price for the past six months, but their ecosystems are still growing and the DeFi opportunities seem endless.

Cashflow summer – Discussion

What has happened in recent years in Decentralized Finance? What is the future in stablecoins, decentralized applications, ETH and PoS?

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reports to clients

We want to be as transparent as possible, how we work and where we see future opportunities or threats. Our regular quarterly letters should clearly show you how I think about the cryptocurrency market over time.

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